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I’m Pete, a moderately bonkers entrepreneur , SEO specialist, web designer/developer from Essex (without blinding white teeth), dedicated family man and author.

I’m on a journey to change to world!


I’m a full-time entrepreneur and owner of a thousand ideas.  From Colchester to L.A,  I’ve forged an amazing network of friends and colleagues with whom I’ve started some amazing projects and businesses.

When it comes to helping others, I turn to my roots as a freelance digital consultant, helping individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes, from local start-ups and SME’s to large international corporations.

My specialism include, web design and development(6+ years) and search engine optimisation(10+ years).

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Are you on the lookout for something nice for your customers to look at or click on?

I make websites, develop internet things and knock up posh-looking business cards, and more! #webdesign #webdevelopment #print



Do you need to get more people through your door or get them clicking your internet stuff?

If so, let’s talk about marketing and how I can help, off and on the line. #seo #socialmedia #emailmarketing #ppc #socialmedia



Need someone to look after your website? Are you bored with updating plugins and themes, day in, day out?

Maybe you’re after a new home for your website? I don’t know! But I’m ready to find out! #wordpress #hosting #maintenance

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I’m an enigmatic Welsh/British hybrid, currently based in (mostly) sunny Colchester, a lovely place just an hour from London.

When I’m not tapping away on my keyboard, you’ll find me on Dad duty wrestling the kids, so my amazing wife can relax. You’ll also find me  playing Xbox or running around an airsoft site. Forever positive about life and the universe, I love people and am endlessly committed to open communication, collaborative thinking and forging great relationships.

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White Label Agency Services

Does your agency want to offer other services without hiring new people or training current staff? Want all the glory but not the hassle?

If the answer is Yes, then read on my digital brethren and sistren. I can help you with easy to understand and hassle-free white label agency services including, White Label SEO, Web Design and Development, hosting and WordPress maintenance.

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I am fortunate enough to work with some amazing people from all around the world, helping them bring their ideas to life and achieve their goals.