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Made in Essex

I might be from Essex but I assure you, I don’t have blinding white teeth or sound like I’ve eaten concrete for breakfast as popularised by certain TV programs.

I do travel around a lot so if you’re looking for a face to face, let me know ASAP.

Currently Located in : Colchester

I work Globally

Many of my happy customers are located all over the world. I work a variety of hours to fit in around peoples plans. Need a meeting at 03:30 GMT, no problem.

I’m happy to setup a Zoom WhatsApp or Skype call.


If you’re shy or not ready to work together, feel free to carry out some casual stalking on social media.


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Pete Gore

My current time zone is: GMT


+44(0)7940 369686


You can also get in contact by leaving me a message in the contact form below.