Search Engine Optimisation

Want to rank higher in Google?
Is your current SEO person a muppet?
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Search engine optimisation is becoming progressively more important as more and more businesses owners are aware they need to rank higher in Google and get found online.

Fortunately, with my super awesome search engine alchemy, all your seo bases are covered so there is no need to drink yourself silly or lose sleep with all the technical stuff – and trust me, if you’re not into the whole search engine optimisation thing then don’t panic, it’s not a subject of conversation that will get you laid.

I like it, but when I’m in the paper shop or at some crap house party, most people pay me to go away when I start talking about how to rank higher in google!

However, the fact remains, as more and more website owners become seo savvy, keeping up with the Joneses is critical for you to stay competitive online.

So, whether you have no idea what seo is, pretend to know what seo is but are actually clueless how rank higher in Google, or you’re an agency looking for a seasoned pro because you fired you seo bod for being a bell end, give me a call.

I cut through all the usual sales bullshit and give it to you straight. Don’t settle for shit seo.