Social Media Growth

Got no mates?
Do you struggle to get laid in the real world?
Do you need traffic and ROI for your social efforts?
If so, big fat juicy engaging social media accounts are a must! Speak to me about social media growth and marketing.

Get more followers!
Get more bang for your advertising bucks.
Get Laid*

Social Media plays an increasingly dominant role in the way that we find and share information online.

From fluffy kittens on Instagram to highly targeted adverts on Facebook, there is a lot to be said for being active on social channels. Any Pete, Paul or John can stick photos on the internet, but can they build real audiences? Can they reach the people who are more likely to be interested in your business? Probably not, so opt for season social pro like me.

So, whether your struggling to get laid and need a hot date or you have a super amazing product or service you need to tell everyone about, I’ll help you define what channels are suitable for you and your business, increase your followers, ensure your ad spend is working hard and find the best pics of kittens you’ve ever seen.

Please note that Tinder is not a mainstream social channel and if you lie about being an astronaut or heart surgeon to your potential date then I can’t help. BTW I can’t promise to get you laid, instead, just get yourself down the local boozer on a Saturday night and speak to people ?.

Don’t panic, I don’t just add a tonne of fake accounts because that’s shit and gets us nowhere.